The million dollar question:

What's included?

Brief Theory

Understand the anatomy of natural lashes, different lash extension types, and the science behind adhesive bonding.

Mannequin Training

Practice lash application techniques under the watchful eye of our experienced instructor, mastering both classic and volume lash extensions.

Essential Business Tips

Gain insight into marketing strategies, building a loyal clientele, and pricing your services for success.

Client Consultation + Care

Learn the art of conducting thorough consultations to identify clients' unique needs and desired lash style.



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Experience financial freedom.

While learning how to create stunning sets, you will also gain insightful knowledge on how to gain clientele and where to find them. The industry secrets won't spill themselves! In this class I will be sharing how I reached my first $10K month in 2020, & the exact strategy I use to this day.


Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of eyelash extension application. From safety and hygiene protocols to lash mapping, styling, and aftercare. You'll leave the course feeling confident and capable, ready to deliver.

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  • Our superior supply kit is designed to equip you with everything you need to kickstart your lash journey with confidence:

    Due to the nature of the mini course, there are some products that are not included.

  • 1. Premium Lash Extensions: Exquisite, lightweight lashes for stunning results.

    2. Top-Grade Adhesive: Our specialized adhesive ensures long-lasting, flawless lash applications.

  • 3. Essential Tools: High-quality tweezers, lash brushes, and other professional tools for precise work.

    4. Luxurious Eye Pads: Ultra-soft and gentle pads to enhance client comfort during application.

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    I. Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

       A. History and evolution of eyelash extensions

       B. Benefits and advantages of eyelash extensions

       C. Overview of different eyelash extension techniques and styles

    II. Safety and Hygiene

       A. Importance of maintaining clean and sanitized tools

       B. Proper hand hygiene and sanitation practices

       C. Understanding and addressing potential client allergies and sensitivities

       D. Adhering to safety protocols to prevent eye infections or other complications

    III. Product Knowledge and Selection

       A. Different types of eyelash extensions (silk, synthetic, mink, etc.)

       B. Understanding lash adhesives and their properties

       C. Tools and equipment needed for eyelash extension application

       D. Evaluating and selecting products based on client requirements and preferences

    IV. Consultation and Assessment

       A. Conducting an effective client consultation

       B. Assessing client's natural lashes and eye shape

       C. Considering clients' desired outcomes and expectations

       D. Determining suitable eyelash extension length, thickness, and curl

    V. Application Techniques

       A. Corrective techniques for lash lift, volume enhancement, and lengthening

       B. Adhesive application and proper attachment of lash extensions

       C. Eyelash isolation and separation techniques

       D. Handling and placement of individual lashes for a natural look

    VI. Maintenance and Aftercare

       A. Educating clients on aftercare instructions and guidelines

       B. Proper cleansing and removal techniques

       C. Fills and lash extension refill procedures

       D. Troubleshooting common issues and concerns